At APOPO, we have the passion and the commitment to bring ever-lasting change to the world. We believe that big impact can be achieved only when innovative solutions combine with a focus on local communities. If you share our philosophy and see yourself contributing to a vibrant and a fast-paced work environment, we would love to hear from you! To work or volunteer with us, please apply to the positions listed below or drop us an email outlining your background and interests.

Senior Epidemiologist, TB Detection

Despite all efforts to control Tuberculosis (TB), increasing the detection rate of TB patients remains one of the main challenges to fight this fast spreading disease. Many Sub-Saharan African countries are in the list of the high TB burden countries (WHO, 2012). In many of these countries, the TB detection rate is below 50%. Poor diagnostic services are a primary contributor to this problem. To combat this pandemic, APOPO developed a unique diagnostic technology, based on the olfactory capacity of trained giant African Pouched rats. This technology is currently used in routine care in Tanzania and Mozambique, but additional scientific evidence is needed in order to get endorsed by the World Health Organization. To lead the organization towards endorsement, APOPO is seeking for a senior epidemiologist with an excellent track record in TB research. The position is based in Morogoro, Tanzania and requires travel to Mozambique and participation in conferences and meetings worldwide.

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Program Officer Mine Action Cambodia

APOPO is currently seeking a Program Officer for its Humanitarian Mine Action Project activities in Cambodia. The position will require extensive travel in the Provinces.

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UXO Senior Technical Advisor, LAO PDR

In Lao PDR, APOPO assists National and provincial partners to coordinate and monitor mine action activities which will increase the efficiency of land release in the South East Asia region and save many innocent lives. The contamination problem for Lao PDR is predominately UXO such as aircraft bombs, bomblets (from cluster munitions) and explosive shells that were dropped or launched yet failed to detonate, during the Vietnam War (2nd Indochina War) that ended almost 40 years ago. In Lao PDR it is estimated that the USA dropped over two million tons of bombs between 1964 and 1973 including more than 270 million cluster munitions. To assist the Program Manager, APOPO is currently recruiting a UXO Senior Technical Advisor.

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Open call for applications

You are a student looking for a project, an intern looking for an assignment or a professional looking for a career? You are experienced in Mine Action or Tuberculosis Research, or you think you have any skill which can help us to achieve our goals? We are happy to receive and store your CV and application and come back to you when a matching position opens up.

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