Tanzania training center

In Morogoro, we breed and train African Giant Pouched rats to detect landmines. We train their trainers and conduct research to constantly improve our innovative technology. From here, the rats are sent to post-war countries to help local communities regain land and improve livelihoods.

Key figures

  • 240,000 m2 Training and test minefields
  • 1500 Buried deactivated landmines for training
  • 57 Mine Detection Rats accredited in 2013
  • 11 Scientific publications


Mozambique’s landmine problem was once one of the most severe in the world, with a legacy of landmines and explosive remnants of war from decades of conflict. Tasked as the sole demining operator for clearance of the Gaza province, one of the most mine-affected provinces in Mozambique, in 2012, APOPO completed the project one year ahead of schedule.

Key figures

  • 8,772,651m2 Land returned to population
  • 3,085 Landmines found and neutralized
  • 26,929 Small arms and ammunitions found
  • 1073 Bombs found and destroyed


"In my opinion, what we have is very important. I am helping to lead my country in the right path towards the implementation of the Convention to Ban Landmines. Despite the complexity of this problem, I am confident that we will together solve it in time. Working with APOPO, we have built skills that we did not have earlier. All of us in the team love this work" Tripop Trimanka, Demining Team, APOPO-PRO, Thailand

Key figures

  • 107,159,461 m2 Total area covered
  • 662 Landmines found and neutralized
  • 876 UXO found and destroyed
  • 30 Staff members


“This joint project between Norwegian People´s Aid (NPA) and APOPO is a unique combination of NPA´s survey and clearance capacities and our specially trained giant pouched rats for landmine detection, and will benefit the population affected by mines and ERW.” Tekimiti Gilbert, Head of APOPO´s Mine Action Department.

Key figures

  • 28 Trained mine detection rats
  • 12 Rat handlers trained
  • 321 known confirmed Hazardous areas in area of operation


Cambodia is one of the most Mine affected countries worldwide. APOPO partnered with the Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC) in 2012 with the deployment of Survey Teams to help address the country’s complex landmine issues that continues to hinder national reconstruction and development.

Key figures

  • 139 Number of confirmed hazardous areas identified
  • 12 Survey staff
  • 136 Number of villages surveyed
  • 135,698,723 m2 Total land surveyed
David Matheule

David Matheule

I’'m very satisfied with the work APOPO is doing. I can say that independence is coming again- when our land is free of land mines. I would like to build a better home and rear my own cattle. My dream is to have decent lifestyle like anybody else and be as independent as possible.

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