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Onesia is a HeroRAT trainer is Maputo. She helps turn our rats into TB detection heroes, who outperform humans in detecting positive TB sputum samples.

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Taking care of your family is hard, even if you are healthy. What happens when you are not sick enough for it to show up on a routine test ? Well, your illness gets a chance to develop ... unless you've got HeroRATs to check you up !

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Sam is a farmer in Mozambique whose community has been terrorised by hidden land-mines left over from the war 30 years ago. Read how APOPO cleared the mines and helped people like Sam and his family get back on to their productive land.

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Abu Chinarine is an apopo deminer. He risks his life every day to help rid his community of unexploded landmines left over from the war 30 years ago.

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Lulu's TB was missed by the clinics but detected by the HeroRATs. She has since joined volunteer group MKUTA to help raise TB awareness

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From tea-eggs to landmines

Thousands of innocent children and adults are injured or killed by landmines every year. Read how APOPO's HeroRATs are helping in the global fight against these insidious weapons.

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6 year old Claudi was very sick but his local clinic couldn’t detect the cause. Read how the HeroRATs saved Claudi’s life.

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