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    your land is free of mines

    Human and HeroRAT work hand in paw to make sure people can work their land, graze their cattle and let children play without fear of injury or death.

    Did you know that a donation of 1 USD helps us clear one squared meter? Will you help us clear 25 m2 ?


    If it's there, I'll find it. It is what I was trained to do. Find a mine, save a life.

    Thanks to the HeroRATs, Apopo has made over 9,000,000 m2 of land available to local communities. Your donation makes this possible.


    A HeroRAT is trained to detect TNT hidden in a tea egg, as a preparation for the real stuff. But we don't give points: we give bananas instead!

    It takes 9 months to train a HeroRAT, from birth to certification. Help us put more HeroRATs through training.


    Our HeroRATs are experts at sniffing out dangerous mines or unexploded ammunition. Don't worry, they are too light to set them off !

    HeroRATs take 9 months to train. Help us train more heroes and clear the world of landmines.

  • GOTCHA !

    Even when a sputum sample has been sterilized to avoid infection, a HeroRAT can detect a positive sample faster than a human can.

    Our research team keeps looking for ways to increase accuracy and reach more people. Can you help us find more TB patients ?