Dinner for two


Buy the lovely gift of a romantic dinner for two to support our breeding program. This gift includes a candlelit dinner of bananas, corn and other delicious foods with soft music, a perfect setting for kindling romance between two HeroRats.

HeroRat breeding couples are carefully selected to ensure compatibility. Bananas, their favourite treat, provide our heroes with energy and strength for all their activities.

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Every Hero Gift donor receives a gift certificate that you can customize with the name of your gift recipient and a personalized message

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Your support is helping people like Ezequiel

"APOPO have saved thousands of lives – including mine!"

Gift in action

Our breeding HeroRAT couples create the scent detection heroes of the future.

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Each time you buy a HeroGIFT you'll be making a direct contribution to APOPO's life-saving work, providing innovative solutions to global problems.

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1. Choose a HERO GIFT 2. Personalise it and make it special 3. Help a great cause and save lives

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