HealthyRAT Gift Collection


This gift collection includes a variety of foods including bananas along with a medical check-up everything our heroes need to keep them healthy and ready to find unexploded landmines or sniff out TB.

Bananas spread joy and provide the HeroRATs with the energy and strength needed to save lives. The HeroRATs are fed daily with a mix of fruit, vegetables and nutritious rodent pellets. Food is scattered in the bedding and challenging locations to encourage the animals to forage, a natural instinct for the rats.

All of our rats are treated like the heroes they are and having the right diet is only part of the hero regime. This gift collection will also provide a weekly check up. Our expert vets provide health checks once a week with daily care including observations of individual animals, petting, weighing sessions, prevention treatment for parasites, and necessary vaccinations. 

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Your support is helping people like Sam

“APOPO is making land safe for communities all over the world”

Gift in action

A healthy rat is a happy rat. Your support will help us keep the HeroRATs fighting fit and ready to save lives.

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Each time you buy a HeroGIFT you'll be making a direct contribution to APOPO's life-saving work, providing innovative solutions to global problems.

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1. Choose a HERO GIFT 2. Personalise it and make it special 3. Help a great cause and save lives

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