APOPO Geneva office to support HeroRATs in their global mission

Last month APOPO registered the APOPO Foundation in Geneva, placing APOPO at the center of International demining efforts and world health policies.

The APOPO Foundation aims to support APOPO's overall global activities by strengthening its network and financial resources whilst making sure it is now placed at the forefront of international mine action efforts and international health in Geneva.

The Foundation will be run by two APOPO staff members, and is governed by an experienced and talented Board of 4 members.

Hosting some of the major actors in the field of Humanitarian Mine Action (notably the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining - GICHD), as well as renowned Tuberculosis research institutes (e.g. the World Health Organization and the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics), Geneva is as such a strategic position from which the APOPO Foundation will operate.

Image: APOPO Foundation Executive Director Kjersti Tokle Fjellhaug