Play TWIST3D and help save lives

Mobile gaming has exploded in recent years with 37% of mobile users playing games on their phones every day. Now, thanks to Chroma Studios and Karmafy, people can play games and support APOPO’s HeroRATs at the same time.

TWIST3D a popular game with more than 750,000 players features new technology that enables players to support good causes, including APOPO, for free, simply by playing the game. Available now on Android and iOS, gamers can for the first time leverage their time spent playing into having real-world positive impact.

We asked the CEO of Chroma Studios, Tim Shepherd, why they had chosen to support APOPO and what their reaction was when they first heard about the HeroRATs. “Chroma Studios has chosen to support APOPO through Karmafy because of their remarkable way of saving lives and limbs using rats. The HeroRats are not only efficient, they are also cute and we hope the players of TWIST3D will embrace supporting APOPO HeroRAT“To be honest, rats aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when it comes to doing good in the world. But when we learned about their amazing abilities to sniff out land-mines and even early-onset TB we realized just how underappreciated they were. The work that APOPO does, the possibilities and the peace-of-mind they bring to the lives they touch, simply stunned us. We knew we had to spread the word through our game.”

Partnered with more than 35 good causes, is able to work with philanthropic organizations and developers to help build awareness, direct support and provide deep customer engagement. The Karmafy Platform is an ideal solution for situations where a developers philanthropic objectives coincide with seeking improved retention and engagement.

“Karmafy has seen at first hand the great work APOPO does, and is well aware of the ongoing needs in the world to clear landmines and curb the spread of TB. As long as these challenges continue to exist, we are proud to to partner with APOPO and support them in their awareness and fundraising activities.”
- Michael Schmidt, Head of Product, Karmafy

TWIST3D is free to download and available now using the link below. Just be sure to select APOPO as your chosen good cause!