€1.5 million from the Dutch Postcode Lottery

The Dutch Postcode Lottery decided to team up with APOPO for another three-year term

We are delighted to announce that last night APOPO was awarded  €1.5 million during their charity gala. 

Last night, February 15th, the annual Dutch Postcode Lottery Charity Gala (Goed Geld Gala) was held at the Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam. APOPO CEO Christophe Cox and Board Chairwoman Dr Adee Schoon gratefully accepted the cheque from Margriet Schreuders the Head of Charities at the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

APOPO expresses its sincerest gratitude to the Dutch Postcode Lottery and all its participants who make our life saving work possible!” - Christophe Cox, CEO

APOPO is grateful to the 2.9 million people who take part in the Dutch Postcode Lottery. Through their participation, they help relieve human suffering for people in countries like Cambodia, Mozambique and Angola joining the fight against tuberculosis and landmines, as well as other applications in development.

During the charity gala, the lottery proudly announced that thanks to its 2.9 million participants, who bought more than 4.3 million lottery tickets collectively, a total of 357.5 million euros would be distributed to charities like APOPO in 2018.

The highlight of the gala was Actor and Environmental Activist Leonardo DiCaprio who spoke at the Gala on behalf of his foundation. In his speech he expressed his concern about the irreversible effects that greed and indifference have on our planet and how he wants to get more people interested in a healthy climate, protecting endangered species and restoring ecosystems.

The Dutch Postcode Lottery has been raising funds since 1989 to support organizations working towards a fairer and greener world. Half of the lottery’s annual turnover goes to charity. The lottery has steadily grown to become the biggest charity lottery in the Netherlands and supports 112charities. Since it started, the lottery has donated over 5.4 billion euros to its beneficiaries.