APOPO participates in UN Cinema event in Brussels

By Liesbet van Wijk | Head of HR

Q&A about addressing the landmine problem

On May 2nd, 2018, Ciné-ONU screened the award-winning movie ‘The Deminer’, followed by a panel discussion with guest speakers related to the movie itself or global mine action.

I was invited to the event as a guest speaker and took the stage to talk about APOPO’s efforts on ridding the world of landmines. During a Q&A session, I shared the impact that APOPO is achieving in mine affected countries and how the mine detection rats are speeding up mine clearance.

The film was screened in partnership with the One World Human Rights Film Festival, UNLOPS (United Nations Liaison Office for Peace and Security) and the Embassy of Sweden at Cinéma Galeries in Brussels. The documentary highlighted to its audience how much of an ongoing problem mines can be, how dangerous and indiscriminate they are with their victims and how much pain and suffering they cause.

I ended the presentation with a call to action: every person can indeed make a difference! APOPO’s public fundraising revenue has increased year after year thanks to the support of the public. The smallest of donations make a tangible impact because together they allow APOPO to continue its work.

APOPO warmly thanks Ciné-ONU and Karen Davies from the United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC) for allowing APOPO a stage at this very engaging event.

Above image © UNRIC