Support From Pictet Charitable Foundation

APOPO is delighted to announce support from the Pictet Charitable Foundation.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the Pictet Charitable Foundation was established in 2009 to support charitable organizations and public-interest projects in Switzerland and abroad. The Foundation provides support for numerous projects to help disadvantaged communities in developing countries, in particular in the fields of humanitarian aid, youth work, and education.

Photo: Claudio Montesano Casillas

By providing local people with the chance to earn a living while giving back to their community, APOPO is not only helping people get back on their feet after the turmoil of conflict but is also stimulating these small rural economies. Vast areas of productive land have been rendered off-limits for decades, yet only about 3% of that land typically contains any explosives at all. As long as the landmines stay in the ground, economic development in countries like Cambodia and Angola will continue to be held back.

Tuberculosis is still the leading cause of death from an infectious disease. The number of deaths from tuberculosis has risen to an estimated 1.7 million worldwide. Although TB treatment success has improved over the years there is still a persistent number of people each year who are undiagnosed by their health systems causing further spread of the disease. In 2016 that number reached 4.1 million people.

Claudi age 6 (left) was undiagnosed by his clinic. APOPO found his tuberculosis.

These ‘missing’ TB-positive patients usually include the most vulnerable and those without proper access to care. Due to their unique speed and sensitivity, when combined with conventional tuberculosis diagnostics APOPO's TB Detection Rats have proven to increase detection rates of partner clinics by 40%. This means more TB positive people are put on treatment before they can infect other people and prolong the vicious TB cycle - and saving lives in the process.

This partnership with the Pictet Charitable Fondation will allow APOPO to strengthen its commitment to a world free of landmines and tuberculosis and benefit thousands of families in Angola, Cambodia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Thank you Pictet Charitable Foundation for your trust and welcome on board!