APOPO attends ANZLAA conference in Australia

Presenting at the Australian and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association.

Anna Bouchier, Swisss Foundation Director, spoke at the ANZLAA  annual conference held in Perth between 11-13 September 2019. The Australian and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association (ANZLAA) is made up of members with a professional commitment to the care, production and use of animals in research and teaching in Australia and New Zealand.

ANZLAA aims to promote communication, informed discussion and continuing education among its members as well as the broader community in pursuit of improved animal welfare and their annual conference is one of the ways that they achieve some of their goals. One of these is a shared partner and APOPO donor: Specialty Feeds. 

Anna was invited to open the plenary session as a keynote speaker, with a focus on animal welfare and rat training. She also gave a second talk on public outreach, a rising concern within the industry. The conference was attended by 350 people coming from all over the world to discuss the use of animals in research, bio-ethic and public openness. Both talks were very well received and followed by individual meetings outside the conference with the two main sponsors.

While in Australia, she also visited APOPO donor Specialty Feeds, conveying our thanks for the support to the HeroRATs - they have donated a year's supply of rodent pellets and shipped them to APOPO's Training Center in Tanzania twice! 

APOPO is grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to attend and present at the ANZLAA conference. It made for an interesting weekend filled with enlightening discussions on using training these intelligent creatures and expanding awareness of the HeroRATs life-saving impact, to a diverse crowd of animal champions and professionals.