HDIF Innovation workshop with Tanzanian Government

APOPO attends workshop in Dodoma.

APOPO joined donor Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) for a one-day innovation workshop at Takwimu House in Dodoma on Tuesday the 24th of September. The Innovation workshop brought together key influencers and decision makers within the Tanzanian government and its agencies and was organized by the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) in collaboration with HDIFand the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC).

Photos © HDIF

The workshop focused on exploring the potential of innovation in improving service delivery and achieving sustainable industrial development. APOPO’s TB Detection Program Manager for Tanzania, Dr. Georgies Mgode, was given the opportunity to present how APOPO carries out its TB detection activities as well as successes, challenges faced and the scalability of the research project. He presented the full history of the project from where APOPO started to where it has come to now and way forward. Other organizations “Shule Direct” and “Nano filter Tanzania” also shared their experiences in implementing innovation projects on education and clean water.

Outside the Ministry of Health, many of the government officials were under informed about APOPO’s impact and how it all works. They urged the organizers to continue to raise awareness and try and arrange for more forums like the workshop in order to reach more policy makers and work towards integrating APOPO’s TB detection research into the national health guidelines. It was also recognized that good health impacts the national workforce and in order for Tanzania to further develop this needs to be a priority.