Rats popular at the Piacenza Pet Festival

APOPO attends Pet Festival in Italy.

The seventh edition of the "Pets Festival" took place on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October at the Expo Piacenza in Italy. A huge regional event for all animal lovers.

Pets Festival invites visitors to learn more about animals from a varied group of professionals, association reps and breeders. APOPO was fortunate to attend Pets Festival and set up a well visited booth that received a lot of attention from the general public and Italian media alike.

The festival is one of the largest gathering of pet owners and animal enthusiasts of Italy. Anna Bouchier, Esther Haalboom and Caterina Caneva Saccardo from APOPO got to install themselves in the center of an impressive exposition hall which welcomed over 2,000 people accross the two days.

The visitors were able to learn more about APOPO and the work we do training rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis. They could also test their own olfaction at the booth in the "sniffing game".  Caterina was interviewed by the press and delivered three informative and engaging talks in Italian. The booth attracted the Italian press, national and local, and we were pleased to meet many excited rat fans who will hopefully join us on our journey. Till the next time!