APOPO audit: passed the test!

Celebrating a big milestone.

This year APOPO strengthened its organizational processes to fulfill the requirements for a formal accreditation as a Belgian NGO, for which the organization had to pass various criteria and undergo an organizational audit of our management capacities.

The audit was conducted in the first quarter of 2021 by EY and included 9 domains:

(1) Financial management:
(2) Strategic management,
(3) Process management,
(4) Result-oriented management,
(5) Partnership management,
(6) Cross-cutting themes gender and environment,
(7) Risk management
(8) Human resource management and
(9) Transparency and Communication.

The audit took into account the complexity of the organization, determined by the turnover, geographical and thematic spread, diversity of partners and donors and the number of staff. After preparations based on the documentation, the field audit consisted of interviews with key management staff and board members, and drafting a final report.

APOPO is proud to announce that we received notification that we passed not only in all of the 9 domains, but also in each of the subdomains! We consider this a big milestone for the organization and hope it will re-assure all stakeholders to choose APOPO as a trusted partner. APOPO is also very proud to have been formally endorsed as an accredited partner of the Belgian Development Cooperation for a 10 year period starting in 2022.