HeroRAT VIP Adoption

A limited number of HeroRATs are available for adoption by your company, organization or group

 Name, follow and sponsor your very own HeroRAT.  There are also lots of opportunities for staff engagement, corporate branding, prestige and other rewards.  Name your HeroRAT after your CEO at your own risk...

How it works

Choose whether you want to sponsor a TB or Mine Detection HeroRAT. We have three specially designed packages for each budget. You will receive regular updates as well as the opportunity to name your HeroRAT. The Gold and Platinum package gives further branding and engagement opportunities.

Each adoption lasts for a year, but of course you are encouraged to continue.

Our team will provide support for workplace fundraising and fun ideas to help you reach your goal!

Contact partners@apopo.org 


More Info

Welcome Gift Basket

When your company, organization or group signs up, you will receive a welcome basket stuffed with APOPO treats including:

  • HeroRAT Plush Toy
  • T-shirts
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Welcome Pack
  • Baseball Caps
  • APOPO Keychain

silver package Benefits

  • Name your HeroRAT
  • Regular updates from the field
  • Adoption welcome pack, including APOPO merchandise and certificate
  • Staff engagement iniatives
  • Your Logo on the APOPO Website

Gold package Benefits 

All the benefits of Silver, plus:

  • The sponsorship of a HeroRAT trainer employed from the local community 
  • Further branding opportunities
  • An APOPO Guest Speaker (Europe and the USA)
  • Chat to a trainer or program manager

Platinum Package Benefits

All the benifits of Silver and Gold, plus:

  • The sponsorship of either mine detection equipment or a TB Clinic
  • A meeting with our CEO and Co-Founder
  • Invitation to meet your HeroRAT
  • Framed Picture of your HeroRAT

HeroRATs Avaliable for adoption


Mine Detection 


Mine Detection


TB Detection

Help children like Charya

"When I was playing in my fathers fields I climbed a tree to hide from my brother. When I looked down I saw a strange metal thing sticking up from the roots..."

Children like Charya shouldn't have to live in fear. She has already found her first bomb. Help us to make it her last.

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