Group Adoption Join us on an incredible life-saving mission

APOPO’s African Giant Pouched HeroRATs are the only rodents in the world trained to save human lives, sniffing out Landmines and Tuberculosis in Asia and Africa.

They are super fast, literally work for peanuts, and their trainable noses can be taught to recognize almost any smell. Our Heroes are too light to set off landmines and TB samples are deactivated at high temperatures so they are not in any danger during their detection work. Not to mention, they are absolutely adorable!


Organizations can now adopt, name, and join us on a unique journey into the life-saving tuberculosis and land mine detection work of their own HeroRAT. You will love learning about our work and the incredible impact that your support will make and your organization will benefit from the visibility of the HeroRAT brand, which is regularly featured in major media outlets. 

the right package for you

We offer three packages designed to suit your budget and interests. All of our packages include the opportunity to name your HeroRAT, bi-annual Impact Updates detailing your adopted HeroRATs performance in the field, a basket of HeroRAT goodies, and much more!  

group adoption 

APOPO's Group Adoption is ideal for organizations, companies, and groups of people who want to get more involved and have a HeroRAT to call their own.  A HeroRAT Group Adoption is an experience like no other and your support will make a real and tangible impact on pressing humanitarian issues. 


You can pick from a Mine Detection Rat working in Cambodia or a Tuberculosis Detection Rat based in Tanzania. Landmines continue to kill, maim, and create a barrier to development by restricting access to land. Tuberculosis is the world's top infectious killer causing the deaths of more than 1.7 million people every year. 


1. Exceptional sense of smell
2. Intelligent and trainable
3. Too light to trigger landmines
4. Locally sourced and widely available
5. Easy to transfer between trainers
6. Low maintenance cost
7. Resistant to disease

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Learn more about our Group Adoption and how your organisation can get involved. 


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