What our supporters say about us

APOPO relies on the generous support of people from around the world to clear landmines and detect tuberculosis. GreatNonprofits is the leading platform for community-sourced stories about Nonprofits where APOPO has been ranked as a Top Rated Nonprofit for three years running.

“Absolutely amazing! Saving lives and giving a special species the opportunity to be the hero instead of the usual but mistaken villain!!! I love everything about this nonprofit. It is a winner all around!” – Gfaamr

“Rats are amazing creatures and Apopo's track record speaks for itself. This organization is saving lives and helping rebuild war torn countries - what better cause is there?” – Serenity1982

“I am a veteran of our Vietnam war. I feel deeply that we put civilian lives in danger for generations and that we all must support the work to remove these explosives.” – Moshi17

“These people are doing such good work. These animals are so amazing. Not only able to sniff out landmines but also able to detect TB.” – Erin105

LOVE APOPO!!! The work they're doing around the globe is absolutely incredible!!” – Jketchum1

 “Rats for centuries have been misunderstood. It's beautiful to see these wonderful people working together with rats to help others abd save lives!” – Sirgabbage

“APOPO is inspiring in so many ways; the integration of biology, conservation, humanitarianism, poverty reduction, and ecologically-minded solutions to man-made problems combine to create an organization to which I am genuinely proud to call myself a donor.” – Writer

“APOPO is making waves in Cambodia, where the clearing of landmines is incredibly important. Important work, done effectively, affordably and creatively. Love it.” – Nonprofit89

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