6 year old Claudi was very sick but his local clinic couldn’t detect the cause. 

I am Claudi. I am 6 years old and I live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In 2014 I became very sick so my Grandmother took me to clinic.


The doctor examined me and he suspected tuberculosis.


At the clinic we also met Lulu. She gives people advice about TB.


Lulu is a volunteer from APOPO's partner organisation MKUTA. She had TB herself once.


She bravely helped me give my sputum sample where I had to cough a lot.


The clinic tried to detect what was wrong with me, but they couldn't find anything.


I went home to my family...


...and to help my grandfather with his pigeons.


But after a while I felt worse. Then my little sister also got sick.


I was afraid my friends at school would get sick too.


"Claudi coughed a lot and became too weak to come to school" - Suzanna John


Then one day, the clinic called me in and told me I had tuberculosis.


My sputum sample had also been sent to APOPO


Where it was tested by rats who examine 10 peoples samples and sniff for TB


When they smell TB, they stop and hold their noses over it for 2-3 seconds


The APOPO lab thoroughly re-tests the sample, and tell the clinic if TB is confirmed


APOPO found my TB and the local clinic found my sister's - she was lucky


Lulu then came to my house with our treatment and explained how to take it


I felt much better straight away and started going to school again


Lulu even came to teach everyone about the dangers of TB


And I was proud because I too could explain it to my friends.


Now I am much better and I can play football again with my brother


And I was proud because I too could explain it to my friends.


Thank you APOPO and the HeroRATs!


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