Husna fell ill soon after her mother in law was diagnosed with tuberculosis. 

My name is Husna and I’m 32 years old. I live with my husband and five of his family members in Dar es Salaam. Last year my mother in law fell ill with a fever and cough. We thought she just had the flu but she didn’t recover, started to lose weight and suffered from chest pains. 

We brought her to the hospital where she was tested positive for Tuberculosis. She started treatment and fortunately began recovering quickly. Then I also fell ill. I had a cough, serious pains in my joints and I was sweating a lot. I went to the hospital, thinking I might have tuberculosis as well but my test was negative.

It was challenging because I could no longer be active and support my family. Normally I take care of the household while also running a small business, selling food in the neighbourhood. There were days I had to stay in bed and my husband had to take care of me. 

After some time I was informed that my sputum sample was re-tested by rats in Morogoro and that they had found tuberculosis. After confirmation testing in APOPO's lab they let the hospital know and I was informed.  I was relieved because I could finally get medicine and become active again. I tell everybody who’s not feeling well to go to the same hospital for a check-up. I’m sure the HeroRATs and APOPO will save many more lives.

It is often the poorest who are affected by tuberculosis. You can create real and lasting change in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.