Partner: Lulu

Lulu's TB was missed by the clinics but detected by APOPO. She joined volunteer group MKUTA to help raise TB awareness.

I was once very sick. I almost died because my local clinic couldn't identify my illness.
Thankfully APOPO found TB. They saved my life.


I got treatment and recovered. I then joined MKUTA to help raise TB awareness.


MKUTA is a group of volunteers, like Abbas, who work in clinics and in communities.


Many people avoid clinic due to costs of transport & time off work or fear of TB stigma.


We teach the facts, dispel the myths and urge people to get tested as soon as possible.


We also teach them how to provide a good sputum sample (harder than you think!)


Most importantly we make sure that people leave good contact details that if clinics mis-diagnose them, but the HeroRATs later find TB that APOPO confirms...


...we can still track them down and get them back to clinic start their treatment and get well again


All MKUTA volunteers are TB survivors - proof that TB is easily curable


As long as you get tested in time and get on treatment, like Shirifa


Like Abdul...


Like Claudi and his mum...


... and like me!

By supporting a TB detection program, you can transform an entire community.