Taking care of your family is hard, even if you are healthy. What happens when you are not sick enough for it to show up on a routine test ? 

I am William. I contracted TB but was not diagnosed until re-tested by HeroRATs and confirmed by APOPO's lab. I have an elderly father and 8 children to look after. If I am sick, I can't work.


I work at a dairy to support my family and pay for my kid's school fees.


After 3 visits to the clinic without diagnosis, I became sick, thin and very worried.


My workmates became worried of TB co-infection because we work so closely together.


The clinic called to say that rats had found me TB-positive and APOPO's lab had confirmed it.


Rats! We can hardly believe it.


The rats are given 10 samples to smell.


And when they detect TB they hold their noses there for 3 seconds.


My family are very relieved that APOPO and the rats found my TB.


If they had not, I think I would be dead by now.


Help APOPO to help more vulnerable people like William to rebuild their lives.