In 1997 Bart Weetjens wondered if rodents could detect landmines.

20 years later his idea is now helping to change a world where landmines pose a threat to life and progress in more than 60 countries and where Tuberculosis affects millions of lives across the world every year. This week is APOPO's 20th birthday celebration


Landmines and UXO destroyed


Land made safe for development - m2


TB-Patients found


...Bart Weetjens (center), a product design ex-student from Antwerp University in Belgium, called his friend Christophe Cox (L) and Mic Billet (R) to tell them about an idea he’d had about training rats to find landmines, freeing nearby communities from terror and hardship. The project was presented to the Belgian Government who provided a feasibility grant in November 1997 and the APOPO project was born. APOPO and the HeroRATs have since been saving lives all over the world.

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Stories: Miriam

My daddy was working in a field he didn't know contained landmines. The HeroRATs saved his life...

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