Our People

APOPO’s dedicated team is made up of experts from all backgrounds who bring a diverse and progressive element to our work.
 Here’s who we are:

Management Team

Christophe Cox

CEO & Co-Founder (More)

Håvard Bach

Head of Mine Action (More)

Dr. Lena Fiebig

Head of Tuberculosis (More)

Dr. Cindy Fast

Head of Training & Behavioral Research (More)

Abdullah Ramadhani

Training Manager (More)

TeKimiti Gilbert

Program Manager MA Colombia (More)

Alessandra Broli

Program Manager MA Zimbabwe (More)

Lordes Paulino Zavale

Technical Advisor Zimbabwe (More)

Dr. Georgies Mgode

Program Manager TB Tanzania (More)

Robert Burny

Program Manager TB Mozambique (More)

Haruni Ramadhani

Trainer Supervisor (More)

Joseph Soka

Medical Officer (More)

Cleide Mondlane

Administrative and Financial Officer Mozambique (More)

Dr. Negussie Beyene

Program Manager TB Ethiopia (More)

Alemu Lakew Sitotaw

Health Officer Ethiopia (More)

Ashley Fitzpatrick

Director of Grants & Contracts (More)

Michael Heiman

Program Manager MA Cambodia (More)

Liesbet Van Wijk

Human Resources Manager (More)

Chris Frantz

Digital Marketing Manager (More)

Alfredo Adamo

MDR Supervisor Angola (More)

Ronald Simon

CFO (More)

Bastian van Mierlo

Head of IT (More)

Benjamin Carrichon

Cambodia Visitor Center Manager (More)

Theoun Theap

MDR Supervisor (More)

Sreyny Svay

Administrative and Financial Officer Cambodia (More)

Mark Shukuru

MDR Training Supervisor


Herwig Leirs

Chairman (More)

Joris Schoofs

Vice-Chairman (More)

Professor Mic Billet

Pro-Chairman and co-founder  (More)

Dr. Adee Schoon

Board Member  (More)

Gerrit Ruitinga

Board Member (More)

Jan de Bisschop

Board Member (More)

Piet van Hove

Board Member (More)

Thierry de Meulder

Board Member (More)